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Volcano Hike

Duration: 2 hours, Length: 3,2Km Difficulty level: Medium

Departure/Arrival - Capelinhos Volcano Centre (CIVC)


Attention: we advert that this trail has limited access for is a very sensible area, you ought to register before your climb the volcano at the Interpretation Center of Capelinhos Volcano.

If you wish, you may also participate in one of the regular visits supervised by a tour guide of the Natural Park, but previous reservation is required at the Interpretation Center or at the Park House.

As we walk on the ashes resulting from the submarine eruptions, we soon understand that we are before a “lunar” landscape.

The eruption of the Capelinhos Volcano began in 1957, creating the most recent landscape in Portugal and totally unique in an international context.


Source: Regional Secretariat for Natural Resources Remarks: for better understanding the trails, we suggest the purchase of the Faial Nature Park Guide.