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Rocha da Fajã


Duration: 2:30m, Length: 5,5Km, Difficulty level: Medium

Departure/Arrival - Rua da Arramada (parish of Praia do Norte)


This trail descends to Fajã da Praia do Norte, a fajã initially formed by debris and afterwards by lava, following the eruption of Cabeço do Fogo. The path starts at Rua da Arramada towards the ocean. In this trail there is a footpath down the cliff that is surrounded by a woodland of large Australian cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum), Myrica faya, Cryptomeria japonica and elms (Ulmus sp.). When arriving at the fajã, one finds Ribeira de Adão (Adam’s Stream), along which the trail continues. After walking through several orchards, vineyards and small wine houses there is the beach, which seems to have good surfing conditions, according to the locals. On the way back, after passing by the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França (dating back to 1790), one has to climb Ladeira dos Burros, which is, in fact, not very steep, and pass by several chestnut trees leading to the starting point.


Source: Trails Azores Remarks: We suggest the purchase of the Interpretative Guide of Hiking Trails at the ART’s Tourist Information Point in Largo do Infante, Horta).