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Towards the Morro de Castelo Branco


Duration: 1:30m, Length: 4 Km, Difficulty level: Easy

Departure/Arrival - Lombega (parish of Castelo Branco)


The main attraction point is Morro de Castelo Branco, a promontory sheltering a large community of rare plant and animal species.

The path starts on a dirt road, descending through pastures towards the shore. On the way, there is a volcanic cave, Gruta das Anelares, built by a 35,5 m-long lava tube. However, this cave cannot be visited, since it is very difficult to get in. But by following the tube one gets to the coastline. Then, to the left there is Morro de Castelo Branco, as well as Pico Island, and to the right one can see Varadouro. When taking this trail one can take advantage of its tranquility to watch several marine birds, such as the Cory’s Shearwater and the Roseate Tern. The Azorean bat, the only mammal native to the Azores, may also show up. Then, one arrives at the mount. Climbing to the mount is not part of this trail, since it could be quite dangerous. The way back follows the paved road to Castelo Branco.


Source: Trails Azores Remarks: We suggest the purchase of the Interpretative Guide of Hiking Trails at the ART’s Tourist Information Point in Largo do Infante, Horta).