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Manuel de Arriaga

First President of the Portuguese Republic, Manuel José de Arriaga Brum da Silveira was born in Horta on July 8, 1840 at Casa do Arco. Currently known as “Casa Manuel de Arriaga”, this House/Museum opened in 2011 in honor of the statesman and the Portuguese Republic, implemented over 100 years ago.

Born to an aristocratic family from Faial, Manuel de Arriaga graduated in law from the University of Coimbra where he proved to be a brilliant student and a remarkable speaker. He became a frequent participant in philosophical and political gatherings and joined the Republican ideals, becoming one of the founders of its first centers, in 1882.

In the same year, he was elected parliament member by the circle of Funchal and in 1890 by the circle of Lisbon, standing out in the Parliament because of the relevance of his statements and decisions. He co-authored the program of the Portuguese Republican party, presented in 1891. After the establishment of the Republic, he was appointed Rector of the University of Coimbra, and shortly after Attorney General.

Elected President of the Portuguese Republic on August 24, 1911, he had to face a troubled period in national and international life. He resigned on May 26, 1915, completely abandoning politics.

Manuel de Arriaga was a writer and a poet; his roots, concerns and ideals are evidently put in his work.

He died in Lisbon on March 5, 1917 and he is buried in the national pantheon.


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